Adopt-A-School Program

We are convinced that such giving is salient to the cause of foreign missions.  We feel compelled to go into all the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal and aim are to reach those in need in foreign lands through your support and partnership.

All donations and contributions are tax deductible

Anyone who is kind to poor people lends to the LORD.
God will reward them for what they have done.

Proverb 19:17


Adopt-A-School Program

The quality of teaching is poor in many developing countries. Even children who have completed primary school may lack basic skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The curricula often lack clear targets, are overloaded with subjects, do not meet the learning needs of elementary school pupils, ignore cultural and regional factors, and put across distorted or stereotypical images of male and female social roles.

Other frequently encountered problems are a failure to bring teaching times and curricula into line with the everyday lives of children, and outdated teaching methods. Group work, independent learning, critical thought and problem-solving, the use of new technologies and the development of life skills tend to be neglected. As a result, young people lack the crucial knowledge and skills that will later give them the confidence to make their way in the labor market.

In simple terms, the Adopt-A-School program is a mechanism used to improve and uplift the academic environment in schools. Our model looks at incrementally addressing a plethora of issues including leadership and communication, strategic planning, governance, quality of teaching, educator development, and learner support systems in mathematics and science. Discipline, school safety, security, infrastructure, and the maintenance of school structures are also addressed. This project is in Lugazi, Uganda.