Clean Water Project

We feel compelled to go into all the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal and aim are to reach those in need in foreign lands through your support and partnership.

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Anyone who is kind to poor people lends to the LORD.
God will reward them for what they have done.

Proverb 19:17


Clean Water Project  

One of the major challenges the people in Africa face is the lack of a good clean water source. Without clean, safe drinking water, diseases, dehydration, and even premature death constantly plague the people. The children are especially susceptible to disease because their immune systems are experiencing everything for the first time.

Daily, thousands of mothers in Sub-Saharan Africa are forced to make a choice to watch their children die of dehydration or give them what water they can from a polluted, dirty, water source, full of parasites and bacteria. The risks of drinking contaminated water are just as great as drinking no water at all. For every five children that die in developing countries, one will die because of water-related diseases. The choice between life-threatening dehydration and life-threatening water-related disease is not a choice that any person should have to make. We finance, support, and participate in the construction of clean water projects to provide children and families in poverty with access to clean water through interventions like drilled wells; rainwater catchment systems; piping systems to irrigate crops and improve access to clean water; purification equipment to treat water contaminated by bacteria and other waterborne disease-carriers; latrines to protect clean water sources; and much more. The lack of water is an often insurmountable obstacle to helping oneself, you can’t grow food, build housing, stay healthy, stay in school or keep working.  This project is in remote areas of Soroti, Uganda