Disaster Relief

South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) is Christian love in action. This ministry meets the urgent needs of hurting humanity in crisis situations. Christ calls for believers to demonstrate His love to those affected by disasters through our use of resources, talents and time. We provide many different types of relief, including food, water, child care, laundry, repairs, rebuilding and more. Join the volunteer force, currently exceeding 70,000 people, that fuels the third largest disaster relief agency in the nation.

South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief has gained national and international recognition for service in crisis situations across the nation and the globe. State convention leaders invest significant resources to provide proper training for volunteers. SBDR volunteers stand ready at a moment’s notice to help the hurting and bring hope during a catastrophe.

As volunteers respond to disasters, their faith and commitment is used by the Holy Spirit to draw others to Him. When we care for others, we become people who don’t just talk of missions but put words into action.

Our world continues to experience devastation and destruction. Every incident brings new challenges and new opportunities. Disaster Relief is an intentional way to bring hope to what can quickly become a hopeless situation. People and churches are coming together in a unified body to help care for those in crisis through focused effort and coordination.