New Disciples Ministry

 Everything has a beginning. Destiny is a new beginning for many of us. We welcome you to a new or even a renewed beginning to discover of what it truly means to be a follower, a disciple, a learner or an apprentice of Jesus Christ. We are delighted that you have chosen to commit to the beginning process. If you do not have a Bible, we will be sure you have one for your very own, to keep.

Jesus often used stories involving everyday life, called parables, to teach people about God’s kingdom and several of these stories showed a process of how God’s kingdom grows in a persons’ life. He used an image of a farmer planting seeds and the seeds would fall on different types of soil. Depending on where the seeds landed, some of them never took root, some of them took root but died quickly when the sun became too hot, some of them grew but were surrounded by thorns and weeds and had the life choked out of them, and others hit good soil which caused them to produce a lot of fruit. Jesus later explained to his disciples that 'the seed' represented the word of God and the soil represented a person’s heart who hears God’s word (Mark 4:1-20).

The process prayerfully hopes to help prepare good soil in every new member’s heart in order for them to receive the seed of God’s word and as a result, experience the fruitful life in Christ that God desires for us to have. It is our prayer the you come through this process: 1. personally discover, know and experience Jesus for yourself; 2. become a maturing believer and devoted and committed follower of Christ; 3. commit to live out your discipleship with the Lord at Destiny.


Or a stranger and show you hospitality

Matthew 25:38